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Friday, 22 January 2010

Microsoft. Can they never get it right first time?


Microsoft has rushed out a software update for Internet Explorer after the browser was found to contain a security flaw.

Why is it that they always push their programmes out before they're checked properly?


The "out of band" security update – so called because it has not been released as part of a wider package of software updates – fixes the security flaw that is thought to be related to recent hack attacks against Google and other organisations.

Why can't they be like these outfits who show responsibility over short term gain?

Rival browser makers, including Firefox and Opera, are said to be benefiting from the fallout, with downloads of Firefox spiking in Germany immediately after the government issued its advice, and more than twice as many people as usual downloaded Opera over the weekend.

If you are silly enough to be using Internet Explorer the security patch can be downloaded from HERE.

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  1. Firefox, the browser of choice for the more paranoid of us, particularly with no-script, addblock and better-privacy addons (amongst others).


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