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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Lord Monkton on Climategate

A very, very good article written by Lord Monkton of Brenchley, summarising the Climategate scandals. Well structured article with graphs to establish why the world is not warming as we have been led to believe.

This week, the world’s governing class – its classe politique – will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark, to discuss a treaty to inflict an unelected and tyrannical global government on us, with vast and unprecedented powers to control all once-free world markets and to tax and regulate the world’s wealthier nations for its own enrichment: in short, to bring freedom, democracy, and prosperity to an instant end worldwide, at the stroke of a pen, on the pretext of addressing what is now known to be the non-problem of manmade “global warming”.

It's a PDF file and can be found at this website:


By the way, I don't see much in the MSM, apart from advertising the Copenhagen conference. They really have been caught napping by the Blogosphere.

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