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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Advertising AGW

Is it me or are global warming proponents become increasingly desperate? If the "Science is settled", why are we getting increasing numbers of expensive ads on the TV (I'm referring to Sky here) trying to make any case for it.

1) We had the bedtime story advert, purporting that all the Bunnies were going to meet a slow death by drowning.

2) Another stupid one that tells us to drive 5 miles less per week.

The Department for Transport has today launched an advertising campaign aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from car use.…

The TV advert highlights that by driving five miles less a week, any driver can help make a difference.

Oh yes, the DOT is full of climate change scientists.

3) The one that tries to tell us that it's all our fault for the planet dying.

4) and now the Times is getting in on the act.

They have a trailer that the oceans are turning into Acid. Give me strength.

Every green website is jumping on the bandwagon before it's too late.

I must lie down.


  1. Psrt of it at least is the Govt propping up their mates in the commercial TV networks

    The Govt is now the largest advertiser in the UK

    Stop Shouting At Me

  2. In OZ, Greens' policies determined by animated science movie "Happy Feet", and possibly "Toy Story".

    Frankly, I'm beginning to think there is no hope for any of us.


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