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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy new year.

I will post more next year. My holiday ends.


  1. Keep your posts to once every six months, it will be an improvement on the excessive posts last year

    Thats a good cunt

    1. I see tricky is at it again.. sad fuck.

  2. Probably pissed off that he can't get through on ISAC these days. Why not drop in and tell him how you feel :

    His name is Rickie Doubleday and he lives at Acrefield, 9 Church Road, Upton, Norwich NR13 6AJ

    Anna Raccoon popped in to see him and confirms that from a professional point of view, he really is certifiable!

    1. I just ignore his puerile nonsense.

    2. I just ignore his puerile nonsense.

    3. No cunt will pop in to see

      Isnt it good that the lying cunts website full of peodophile apologising has gone for good....I know 100% that she gets loose with facts...hell fucking lies and adds guesswork, rumour to make a story sexy.

      Unfortunately doing that with victims of sex crimes isnt nice.

      Still you don't have to believe could find out for yourself. about who lives there.

      Take all your evidence...yeah I know it amounts to fuck all and absolutely nothing that links anyone with that address....still thats your problem.

      I can picture the trying to keep the evidence of your intimidation from them about posting their personal details around the net...and at the same time doing a columbo and trying to trip them up....and then the truth finally dawns on you...that couple are fucking well innocent.

      Anna Racoon did a half decent job cos she posted personal details about the wifes health and posted it....when its almost certain if that couple knew about her website and the threats and intimidation you posted Diocelse they would have gone to the police.

      She didnt actually reveal anything of any worth...just, so much for wrongful accusations ...still the net is full of detailed accounts of Anna Racoon confusion over details and facts.

      Happy new year all.

  3. Anything to say Dioclese?...nah no chance is there.

    Your silence speaks volumes, you delete any comment/question from me and hide.

    You wont even allow questions directed from the cunts on ISAC to me.

    You have dug a fucking big hole for yourself by posting invites of intimidation towards an innocent family all around the net.

    Keep hiding you clueless cunt.

  4. Happy New Year! Looking forward to it


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