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Saturday 25 June 2016

A petition to save the Referendum result.

There is a petition being voted on at the moment calling for a second referendum on the UK leaving the EU. Here is a counter petition. Do pass it on to everyone you know who would be interested.


  1. erm...

    these are dangerous times...

    Check out THIS

    1. We're only the proles, aren't we. He is the political elite and knows best.

      He can go fuck himself.

    2. It's now looking like the original petition to reverse the referendum result has been hacked.

  2. Jeez, what a bunch of fascist minded dipshits. One vote once (yes I know the EU and Scotland don't have a great track record on this)

  3. The govt petition site will probably soon have one up too - it was being considered last time I looked.

  4. Where's all them signatures coming from?

    Aha - It's the Jesuits !!!

    see HERE


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