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Monday, 1 June 2015

Smoke and the state will snatch your children.

So it's come to pass that the state apparatus can take your children away if you smoke in your own home.

A two-year-old boy has been put up for adoption because his parents are smokers.
This has been reported in much of the MSM, but the smoking is cited as the main culprit.

Only in passing is the following mentioned:

The judge was told that the boy's father had mental health problems and that their home had been “dirty, smelly and unhygienic”.
There was also evidence of drug paraphernalia and the father had also tested positive for cocaine.
Now if I was the health visitor I wouldn't be able to bear the guilt of being the cause of a son being legally torn away from his parents for ever.

And I would hope that this foul creature will repent of the evil she has encouraged when she is finally on her death bed.

Responding to this case, Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of health charity ASH said: “This is a very sad case. It should serve as a reminder to other parents or guardians who smoke that they should avoid smoking in the presence of their children because of the significant harm that can be caused by tobacco smoke.” 


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  2. Replicas speaketh the truth! May Woden shower him with sweetmeats and stuff. All hail the incomprehensible one- Arse.

  3. Debs Arnot speaketh the truth too....I wonder what the cocaine addicted nutter father thinks about it?

    Kids won't be left in danger, nor will the child be torn away forever.

    Shame on you Filthy ...smoking isnt an excuse to ignore child saftey.


  4. My better half is a Health Visitor has been for 30 years. I cannot wait for her to retire next year. The utter shit, crap and abuse she has to put up with of these "low lifes" (and that phrase is bulling them up) has to be heard to be believed. If it was the fags that got the poor kid out of that environment then so be it. If you think you know how some of these poor kids are brought up, all I can say is you have no idea. Think the worst then double it and add some more like 5 times more and you may be there. Fags have got fuck all to do with it believe me.

  5. The sooner these poor children can be procured by the State, for the State the better. Why should they be abused at home when they can better serve by being abused at homes?


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