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Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Typical greens. They can't get anything right.

Hildenborough residents are celebrating speed sign success after 85 years of campaigning.Villagers say they have wanted to get the speed limit reduced since 1930 and now Kent County Council has put up new 30mph signs in the area.The new speed markers, which were put up last week, show a reduction from 40mph and have been placed at the beginning of the village by Foxbush Road.Eva Charrington, of Mill Lane and part of the Hildenborough Green Party, said: "We have just seen the two 30mph signs by the Hildenborough sign. This is brilliant.
 And further on:

Cllr Dagger added: "I am extremely pleased they have a reduction in speed limit right through the village.
"They have been trying for years and hadn't had much luck.
"I had a grant I could use for highways purposes so could do it for them – it was a serendipitous moment.
"It had been difficult in the past to get a 30mph limit as police didn't have the resources to enforce the limit but I've used my members' highways fund.

Or not. An E-mail sent to me from my mole on the council.

From: xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx]
Sent: 08 June 2015 15:46To:; Rhodes Mark RSubject: New 30 mph speed limit - B245 Hildenborough Dear Valerie, I do not know if you are aware but the B245 Hildenborough from the Hilden Manor to just past Foxbush is now signed as a 30 mph speed limit.  Unfortunately this is an error and the signs have been installed too soon.  In order to revoke the Traffic Regulation Order for the 40 mph speed limit, a legal process must be followed and this is still ongoing.  ; I am advised that consultation is expected to commence within the next two-weeks I am aware several enquiries have been received by KCC and Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council.  At the moment the 30 mph is illegal and unenforceable, and as such is going to be removed as a matter of urgency.  The 40 mph signs will be put back out on site.  As soon as the 40 mph speed limit has been revoked, the 30 mph speed limit signs will be reinstalled. Please be assured that I am doing everything I can to rectify this situation and am working with the contractor to get the speed limit put back to 40 mph.  The cost to put back the 40 mph will not be met by KCC, likewise the cost to reinstall the 30 mph speed limit following completion of the TRO process. (My embolding)
 I would offer you my sincere apologies for the distress and inconvenience caused by this error. Kind regards,

I should hope that councillor Dagger and those that  are instrumental in this fiasco are made to pay the costs involved.

I'd like to know who these people who have been pushing for it are, as this is the first I've heard of it. And I've lived in the village for 40 years. They must be feeling pretty stupid after reading this article.


  1. "I'd like to know who these people who have been pushing for it are, as this is the first I've heard of it. And I've lived in the village for 40 years. "

    Snitty little power drunk retards with a tenuous grip on truth and reality pissing away other folks money perchance?

  2. The legal side of that TRO will cost a minimum of £4000 btw....

    all together now

    "Twenty's Plenty, Fifteen's Fantastic, Ten's Terrfific and Five's the Future"

    Rumors that red flag carriers are already being trained are being denied.

    Meanwhile the charity sector expands with busybodies on steroids:

  3. I shall be driving along that road later at 40mph, hoping for an unenforceable speeding ticket!

  4. It's what they're doing to Brighton which is the biggest current worry.

  5. Regrettably it's not just the Greens that are useless. Here in Suffolk they're Tories and just as bad. £20,000 on some metal trees to 'enhance the townscape' is just one example of them oissing money up the wall...

  6. "I'd like to know who these people who have been pushing for it are, as this is the first I've heard of it."

    I take it you don't live on the main road then? The sound of lorries thundering by at night is often enough to make our entire house vibrate. And with several schools and many tricky junctions, why not be in favour of something that could keep people safe (and potentially save lives?) Is that extra 10mph really that important to you? Seems a pretty selfish attitude tbh.

    I'm not a supporter of the Green Party, but the Conservatives have often stated they were looking into reducing the speed limit in the village - so I don't think it's a political issue, but more a social one.


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