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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

It's bad for you.


Is there nothing that the bansturbators NOT want to ban?

Most people love a good cup of hot tea, so it may be surprising to learn that your morning cuppa could be bad for you.
Recent research at University College London suggests that drinking tea could be detrimental to health, causing frequent nosebleeds and brittle bones.
It is thought that the steam from tea can lead to the weakening or rupturing of the vessels in the nose, causing nose bleeds.
Anyone who has had a nosebleed is advised to avoid drinking any hot drinks for 24 hours.
Researchers found that drinking the liquid while it is extremely hot is especially bad for you, and that allowing the tea to steep for at least five minutes will not ruin the flavour.
I've been drinking tea for most of my life and have never had a nose bleed.

Will the twats please leave us alone to our own devices.


  1. I've been wondering for years when 'they' would get onto tea. And I've always figured that it would be their Arnhem if they ever did. Fuck with wimmin at your peril, prohibitionists.

  2. So all those octogenarians in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong will have to stop drinking tea by the bucketload if they want to live long and healthy lives...oh, hang on...

  3. Even though the bansturbators haven't actually banned anything on that list, its still very worrying as I often burst into tears and suffer from mood swings and sleepless nights at the thought of such bans.

    Please twats leave me alone.


    1. Don't worry, its just the time of the month.

  4. Research suggests... Studies conclude... Experts believe... Scientists say... It's all bollocks! Why don't these prats dry up and blow away! What makes them think we hang on their every word?


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