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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

It's started already.

The campaign to further restrict and de-normalise smokers.

First they came for the pubs and clubs, and I did not speak up.
Next they came for point of sale displays, and I did not speak up.
Then they came for the packets which housed the cigarettes, and I did speak up.
Now they are coming for my car in the name of "The Children" and this time I'm going to shout it out,

"Now you can bugger off, you halfwits". I then had a smoke.

Apologies to Pastor Niemoller.


  1. Dear Filthy Engineer,

    Don't worry about it Mate, I know exactly what you mean.

    All the best,


  2. Use same tactics as Tobacco Control ... LIE!

    NEVER admit to anything and ALWAYS carry a e-cig ... cos that was what you were "smoking" ... right? :)

  3. My back windows are smoked glass. It'll be impossible to see in anyway

    1. l know you don't think it'll stop at banning smoking with kids in cars. Next up will be banning smoking in cars ... period!

    2. They know that smoking with kids will be impossible to enforce, so that will become their ammendment to the act.

      Once theyhave produced that law against private property, there will be a short pause until they expand it to your home. Using the same " For the Children" pretext.

  4. These are the type of kids MPs say are incapable of speaking up for themselves are they? I didn't realise that teens had become so pathetic.

  5. Too busy nicking your cigs y'mean, :)

  6. This means that young drivers will suffer age discrimination. Isn't there a law about that?


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