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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A piece of cake?

How can such a simple task be so difficult as ordering a cake tin?

Mrs FE is tasked to make a cake in the shape of Peppa pig. (Don’t ask who Peppa pig is. You don’t want to know.). Of course I was tasked to order it, and it was only priced at £14.99. Or so I thought.

Mrs FE had left me the internet page of baking tins up, and I duly scrolled down to the peppa pig tin. On clicking the item I was presented with this:


Sorry about the small print, but if you squint enough you can see the price in the small print.

An unbelievable £84.99!

It turned out that on clicking further you are taken to an Ebay sale. The first bid is £84.99. Maybe it is gold plated and covered in precious stones. Bugger that.

I decide that they can stick their tin where the sun doesn’t shine and have paid the princely some of £18.99 from a site in Ireland.


  1. That must be one hell of a cake tin!

  2. By the look of the pig though £84.99 is bad for a Picasso, even if it is just a cake tin.

    1. I meant 'not bad' - a case of rubber fingers.

  3. Sounds a suspiciously similar story to the football shirts at 90 quid a pop.

  4. Buy a ready made Peppa Pig cake from a supermarket. £12.00.
    just sayin.


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