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Friday, 28 March 2014

Some like it hot.

I’m sure the canadians would like it to be so. Another vid tearing into the cult of climate change.

All true.

Thanks Bill.


  1. He sums up the situation perfectly. Meantime, the plans for more bird mincers are still being submitted.I noticed this week that several have popped up in my area. It is now no longer possible to look at the Lakeland fells without at least two of the damn things getting in the way.

  2. The council cultists have been sending people around (usually with foreign accents - strange that) - enquiring whether I will be lagging my loft; if I'm receiving benefits I can receive the cost in a grant.

    I give my usual reply - don't believe in AGW crap, I have lagged my loft due to the cost of my tariff-laden bill, and I will pay for my own lagging thanks - I don't want any 'community' scum poking their noses around my house, thank you.

    It's all agenda driven - increase population (from foreign lands if possible) have to find jobs for them, invent crisis that requires our councils to employ incomers.

    Agenda-driven Fabian Guardianista bullshit


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