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Monday, 3 March 2014




  1. Nice helicopter you once had! Lucky no-one was badly hurt - but will he have it stopped out of his wages?

  2. Shit!

    Stoopid question...why didn't they release the cable before attempting a landing?

    Expert reply please?

  3. Nice to see they all had correct PPE and no doubt a Toolbox Talk prior to doing the deed eh?

    Some idjits think if everybody is hardhatted and hi-vized up that somehow innoculates them from doing something colossally stupid like leaving a steel wire swinging in the breeze in close proximity to a helicopter.

    That said - it is not unknown for willy waving by helicopter pilots to come to grief as a short tour of YouTube will show.

    I hope it was his own helicopter .....

  4. It looked to me like the guy in black (no hi-viz) jumped up and grabbed the cable, thus tensioning it and pulling it into the radius of the rotor blades. It was too damn close anyway, but without the intervention of the guy on the ground, the pilot may well have got away with it.


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