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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Wind turbines are……..

Crap. Today when we actually have some wind, most of the turbines are stationary. As an example this pic shows the output for a wind farm in Kent, rated capacity 59.8 MW. Look at what it’s producing. Sweet EFF all. In fact it is probably using power to enable the turbines to rotate slowly to protect the gearboxes from damage.


Temperature outside is 3 deg C at the moment.



  1. I looked north from Whitehaven in Cumbria today.You can see all the turbines on shore at Workington and all the turbines in the offshore Robin Rigg field. Not one single one was working.The lights were still on in the town though, I wonder where the power was coming from.

  2. Earlier today when it was still pretty windy in the South East, and undoubtedly nearer gale force ooop North, the 8 GW of metered capacity was only giving a little under 5 GW. Let me guess - it must have been the "Wrong" sort of wind, and many sites were shut down to avoid blades flying off and killing people...

  3. prizewinner in IET competition:
    See amiod the winter's snow
    temperature is 10 below
    with no power it's such a shame
    b****y windmill's stopped again.

    Nuff said.


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