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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wots the job?

Got up at 6:15 this morning and drove for half an hour. On arrival at my destination I was given a short refresher course by the boss of the establishment, whence she left to go to her office.

After five hours on my computer, my next task was to drive to a venue half an hour away with a passenger and supervise at that location.

At six this evening I had to drive back to the venue that I left in the morning and drop the passenger back there. I then drove home and arrived back by seven o’clock.

Tomorrow I will be go back to the location, although I don’t have to be there till 0830. When I get there I will be expected to look after yesterdays passenger whose needs are paramount. The working pattern will however be different. I will stay to await the arrival of the boss, mid afternoon, and most certainly have to give her a full debriefing of events that have occurred.

However the day will not end there. I’m required to work overtime (Unpaid) until midnight, as the team that usually covers the evening are expected to attend a  bonding session with their peers.

Have a guess at what the job is.

DISCLAIMER: There is no monetary prize for the correct answer.


  1. Babysitting Grand children.

  2. Husbands have a right to a salary.

  3. I bet it doesn't pay minimum wage either.

  4. Yep, babysitting grandchildren. No monetary remit for it, but you do get a chance to spoil them rotten, wind them up to a level equal to feeding them a pot of highly sugared coffee, and then turn them back over to mom and dad. That is its own reward.


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