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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

UK attacks sovereign territory.

Maybe I’m stupid. Surely, if we bomb the government of Syria we are unilaterally declaring war against said government.

Is that not the same as the Japanese when they bombed Pearl harbour in the second world war?

If the world considered it wrong then, why is it right now?

Should we bomb Government assets in Syria? free polls 


  1. I voted 'other' - I think if this really is so very important as Cameron and Hague are trying to make us believe, with no hard evidence, then we should be prepared to drop Cameron and Hague on Syria to show we are deadly serious.

    'Next time - no more Mister NiceGuy!'

  2. I think that if Cameron wants so badly to bomb Syria then he should be fucked off there, with a nuke strapped to his back.


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