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Monday, 15 April 2013

What Maggie did for you.

An interesting programme on Channel 4 blowing apart the myth that she was responsible for all the ills of society,  that the left promulgate.

It’s an hour long but well worth watching.

A radical film about a radical woman.

Martin Durkin's controversial thesis is that Margaret Thatcher was a working class revolutionary.

Margaret Thatcher – Death of a revolutionary


  1. FE,

    You should be grateful that:

    1. He/she spelled all the words correctly

    2. He/she hasn't (yet) claimed compensation

    3. He/she hasn't called you any names

    The last two will surely follow.....


    1. He/She/It can try all three. Do I care?

      The left have dreaded this moment. All the lies they have been promulgating over the last few decades are now being exposed. They thought they'd got away with brainwashing the masses. A lot of the populace are going to question long and hard what they've been led to believe is the truth.


  2. This was an absolutely excellent documentary - I'm going to force the 15 year old to watch it just so they get a bit of perspective. I was just old enough to be politically aware in the mid-70s as the "post-War consensus" was proving to be utter, rancid shite.

    Whether you agree with all that Maggie did or not, this country would be a much poorer place without her efforts.

  3. I would expect nothing less from the brilliant Martin Durkin who also gave us 'The global warming swindle' and 'Britains trillion pound horror story'

  4. 4 On Demand not available outside the UK unless one uses a VPN so unable to watch. Ah well...maybe its a blessing...

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  7. Many thanks for that, FE, especially as I'm TV-less. I've read many comments on the blessed Margaret in the last few days but none has mentioned one of her earliest changes - getting rid of the very restrictive foreign exchange rules. What would younger people think today if each foreign trip had to be organised with time to send their passport to a bank well in advance to apply for limited foreign currency? I think we were the only major nation with such restrictions in 1979.

  8. I saw it. I thought it was pretty much bang on. It will make a shrinking number very cross. Good. Fuck 'em, and let's get on with it...


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