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Friday, 12 April 2013

Spot the difference

Romany Blythe who was a key organiser of street parties to “celebrate” Margaret Thatcher’s death has defended her actions by comparing the late prime minister to Adolf Hitler.


It’s ignorant cretins like this who want to make me spit.


This is a woman who is one of those who thinks the country owes them a living, all the while plundering what little the country has.

The 45-year-old – who was given breast implants on the NHS because she complained of low self-esteem – had sparked outrage by creating an internet page called: ‘The witch is dead.’


  1. So, not quite a 'big tit' then.

  2. She clearly has a great deal to be lowly self esteemed about; sucking off the public teat for her poxy workshops and foisting her lefty views upon the most vulnerable.

  3. The witch is not dead. She very much alive, 45 years old and with slightly bigger (fake) tits.

  4. I was asked by my son in law tonight, what I thought of Mrs T. he was visibly taken aback when I explained with reasons why she was the countries only hope at the time. His version of history that he'd been taught, was the polar opposite to what the real history was. It made me despair about our education system.

    1. "His version of history that he'd been taught, was the polar opposite to what the real history was."

      And such teaching is still going on - one of the programmes about Thatcher showed a Finchley consitituency 6th Form (I think) History class where the smug girl's answer about Thatcher's polices was that, paraphrasing, 'they destroyed working peoples communities'.

      Having experienced the joys of the Wilson, Heath and Callaghan governments I can definitely state that without Thatcher the UK was dead, poisoned by the excesses of Socialism.

      Some industries and their communities were being kept artificially alive by incredibly huge bungs of taxpayers' money - if that wasn't the case then when those industries were closed the militant unions could have kept the industry going themselves, couldn't they?

      That meant those industries, unions and their interdependent communities were draining the life from other viable industries and communities. Thatcher saved what could be saved, yet on the news we frequently see the zombie braindead complaining that she didn't save everything... when before her everything was being destroyed and nothing saved.

      The militant unions, who for years had been throwing their weight around and grinding Britain into the dirt, picked a fight with a PM who had their measure, and the unions lost, and like all bullies who get a drubbing they wail "it's not fair, she fought back!", and naturally such vile inadequate people fester in their resentment.

      Teachers are just not very good at education nowadays, preferring to specialise in Unions' propaganda instead.

  5. I was 22 years old when Margaret Thatcher was voted into govt. I certainly did not agree with all her policies at the time, but I was young and very niave I also had no clue as to who surrounded her and what their agendas were, I always admired her strength of character and the convictions of her beliefs. What appalls me about these antis is their complete lack of anything remotely approaching normal, intelligent, rational human behaviour, these morons believe their puerile attitudes deserve respect, however as any mature person knows respect has to be earned, but that reality is lost on them being bought up in post Thatcher Britain.

  6. penis fuck anus bastard


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