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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Duty called

No serious or non serious posts tonight. A mission of mercy instead.

I received a call from my 92 year old Mother in law asking for help. She’d fallen over in her kitchen of her sheltered accommodation and couldn’t get up. (It was while she was trying to open a bottle of wine!).

So I leapt into the FEmobile  and sped to the rescue. Luckily she hadn’t sustained any injuries and just needed help to get her off the floor and into her chair.

Anyhoo I finished cooking her half made dinner, poured her wine , and am now back home.

Some of us do care about the elderly in our society.

I wonder if my kids will do the same.


  1. FE

    "Applauds" well done that man!

  2. So where does the 'sheltered' bit apply to her accommodation? Of course you would go and help if needed, but isn't the whole point of sheltered accommodation having someone actually there on site to help in just such a situation.

    1. It's a sign of the times. They've cut back on staff, and now she relies on her alarm call system that she has round her neck

  3. quote...I wonder if my kids will do the same...

    One can but hope!


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