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Friday, 22 February 2013

Climate Change?

A simple vid that should be shown widely, to impart the fact that the so called Climate scientists, Politicians, Greens, Wind farm companies, Uncle Tom Cobley and all, have justified milking the populace. This Vid debunks the models that purport to show CAGW.

Says it all really. Even the Met Office and the chairman of the IPPC, Rajenda Pachauri, have had to admit that the world average temperature has flat lined for the last sixteen years. Mind you, trying to find that press release on the Met Office’s web site is beyond me.

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  1. The draft of the original IPCC prediction has apparently been found.

    In it, they categorically state that Global Warming will occur x years after a period of y years' flatlining.

    Sadly, the figures for x & y are not currently decipherable.


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