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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

ASH lobbying FAIL


They’re still at their same despicable tricks. ASH that is, Here in 1990 the CEO of ASH being resoundingly castigated for trying to stack the deck in the APPG on smoking.


ASH lies

Of course we don’t live in an era in which politicians have integrity and codes of conduct. The ones that did must be turning in their graves.

H/T to Dick


  1. Why the fuckety-fuck don't we have men of this level of integrity, honesty and independence nowadays? Where have they all gone?
    Sir Hugh Rossi (Con) took ASH to the cleaners, wiped the floor with them and made them look the fools, liars, cheats and (almost) criminals they are.

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  3. It is a pity that the Hugh Rossi didn't go that one step further and actually charge them with contempt. As it is ASH have managed to brush this under the carpet with no stain on their record. This needs publicising as much as possible.


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