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Monday, 21 January 2013

The scum in our midst.

It truly has to be seen to be believed.

All in the meantime, our politicians and the MSM just try to censor us by invoking laws that allow these foul creatures to hide behind citing “racial prejudice” or “religious hate crime”. What our ruling elite don’t seem to comprehend is that Islam is not a race or religion, it’s an ideology. An ideology that wishes to take over the world by any means.

Algeria anyone?

Incidentally I think that the Algerian forces were quite right to storm the refinery. They knew that if they didn’t most probably the hostages would have been killed anyway.

You can’t reason with a fanatic who is convinced that his God will reward him, come what may.


  1. Not so much 'scum' as a fifth column.

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  3. The Algerians were perfectly right to do what they did. It's their country. And they are experts at understanding their environment. Plus they are there on the ground and don't need to wait for another army to be flown in.

    For DC to try and give the impression that it's a British job by calling up COBRA and cancelling speeches in the EU about the EU is just not helpful and carries on giving the impression that we are an interfering nannying fussbucketing country to all those foreigners who hate us.

  4. Cameron's a preening little popinjay. Why should the Algerians listen to him?

  5. The thing that scares me is not so much that these people are extremist but the fact that they are not subject to any legal action to silence or discourage them.

  6. As I said in the post they'll just run to mummy shouting "Race" or "religion".

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    1. Another spamming bastard - SE

  8. "We will spread mercy, we will spread justice .."

    Concepts notably missing from most Sharia implementations ...

    SE (again)


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