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Thursday, 3 January 2013

I’m a champion. Apparently.

I received this heap of garbage in my E Mail this morning.

Dear Drink Wise online subscriber, (Ed: Never in a million years would I think of such a thing.)

2013 is set to be an important year setting the direction of alcohol policy nationally for many years to come.

As one of Drink Wise’s online subscribers and Alcohol Champions* we would like to hear some of your views through this very short online survey (no more than 2 minutes long!).

We look forward to your response.

The Drink Wise Team

Drink Wise

4th Floor, Dale House, 35 Dale Street, Manchester M1 2HF

T: 0161 233 7512

Well I gave them my response to their short questionnaire. They really shouldn’t include a box marked “Other”. Here’s the first page of the survey.

Which aspects of alcohol policy interest you? (you can tick as many answers that apply)

Tackling underage alcohol sales

Preventing underage binge drinking

Stopping alcohol advertising before 9pm on TV

Stopping alcohol advertising in cinemas to under-18's

Curbing the low prices of alcohol in supermarkets

Support the introduction of a minimum unit price for alcohol

Support setting a 50 pence minimum unit price level for alcohol

Reducing the opening hours of licensed premises

Reducing the number of licensed premises

Other (please specify) Go on. Go mad (I did). You know it makes sense to prod these Nu puritans.

I’m off two top my glass up with at least half of my so called ration of units.

* First I’ve heard of it.


  1. All these charities depend on tax revenue to promote guilt in order to justify tax rises. At this rate charities will soon be funded to promote guilt about not paying enough tax.

  2. Sadly, "responding" to their survey simply allows them to boast to their paymasters - 'we've generated x number of hits, double our budget so that we can be even more effective.'

  3. My attempt:

    The lack of an alcohol policy. I prefer there to be no state control of alcohol (or any other substance) as it is no business of the state to stipulate what I can and cannot drink, eat, or use. It is not public health, it is my health.

  4. What SBML said - even though I don't smoke (now). Heh, I make up for that by keeping several Scottish stills in full time work, though

  5. Ooh, I did enjoy that! As Joe Public says, responding will only allow them to boast, but my reply to their nasty little 'survey' will certainly give them food for thought!

  6. Great fun, particularly enjoyed the opportunity to add an email address to receive their propaganda!

  7. What fun that was! And, as MC above pointed out, to add AN e-mail address makes the entire exercise so much more enjoyable.

  8. I also subscribe to the "Campaign against climate change". You really should visit their website to see the drivel they expouse. What interests me with these left wing greenie groups is they never allow comments on their pathetic blatherings.

  9. What a good idea FE, I will forward it to all I know, they will have a whale of a time. I subscribed as well and will take great pleasure in telling them where to stick there ideas.

    DB Manchester


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