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Monday, 8 October 2012





  1. I wholeheartedly agree.

    As an oldie, there were no PlayStations, X-boxes, or computer games in my day.

    We made our own amusements.

    After gardening, there was always the a small stockpile of weedkiller left over. Sodium Chlorate in those days.

    Cookery always presented the opportunity to acquire a tupperware jar full of icing sugar.

    Chemistry lessons sometimes had interesting topics, and encouraged hands-on experimentation.

    School holidays frequently went with a bang.

    1. "small stockpile of weedkiller left over. Sodium Chlorate in those days School holidays frequently went with a bang"

      Aye, that sort of quite innocent occupation will get one banged up by the rather bovine plod, these days.

    2. I used to be sent down the hardware shop for Sodium Chlorate weedkiller, BUT it had to be the untreated stuff. Too many people had fun with it, and manufacturers had to add something preventing it being used for nefarious purposes...

      As my old dad used to say about government: "Find out what people enjoy, and stop them from doing it".

  2. When I were a lad we used live in't hole in't motorway. We used to get up before we went to bed, sweep t'motorway, eat a breakfast of cold poison, pay t'mill owner to work 28 hours a day, and when we got home Dad would cut us in half with a bread knife and jump up and down on our graves singing "hallelujah!" - if we were lucky.

  3. Where did this one come from, FE? I would like to spread it about a bit but would like to give it's original attribution.

  4. Nigel, The Northland is North Island New Zealand.
    If you Google away in that general direction you will probably find more - comes from about 2010 I think.


    Try this for starters

    1. Thanks for your diligence. I am of that age that is most comfortable with technology at the level of a Dansette 2 valve auto changing record player.

    2. Nigell,
      If you are still lurking this might interest you.
      It's a job ad that was in our local paper, The Southland Times (the other end of NZ), a few weeks ago.
      If the HTML code below doesn't work, I'll email the actual scan to FE. He might put it up if it interests him.


      If that doesn't work then this link might also get you to it.

      And if you want to know what a local legal firm thought of it go here.


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