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Monday, 10 September 2012



glass of water

Then again I try to disguise it by adding whisky. I usually win whatever happens. I own my liver. Not sure about my kidneys though.

Here’s a wager for The Tobacco Control Industry and Alcohol concern. What will I die from? 40 cigarettes a day or 1/2 a bottle of Scotland’s finest. Over to you, fascist puritans.

Oh and bye the way. Alcohol concern, you need to trump this.

28 Days

Dare you.


  1. Poverty. 'Cos you'll be taxed to oblivion!

    1. Poverty, killing people since time began!

  2. It's only early doors for alcohol concern,but I sure they do plan to top it - Kin nannying tossers and I hope someone is keeping a list of the names of these fascists.


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