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Thursday, 13 September 2012

I may not be back tomorrow.

I’m off to my daughter’s new house to do some work there.

I have few innocent sounding jobs which in theory shouldn’t take long.

I have to plumb in their newly acquired dish washer. This plumbing should not be as difficult as this though. Just a matter of nipping down to the nearest DIY store, buying some assorted bits of plastic pipe and Bob’s your Uncle.

Fitting a couple of dimmer switches. This won’t cause my early demise as TFE has successfully completed the High Voltage course and understands that electrickery has the ability to hurt. In past years I was actually the engineer that looked after all things electric on a particular class of ship. (I admit to being thrown across the engine room by inadvertently messing with live 440 volts. Ouch, shit, fuck, etc).

A new cable to fit to the daughters hedge trimmers. (I heard you snigger at the back. Stop it).

No. The one thing that may hold me in more of a slough of despair, is that I’ve got to assemble that spawn of the devil, FLAT PACK furniture (Weeps).

Still, I shall hold my head up bravely and accept the challenge.

I shall return.


  1. You'll need a large hammer and plentiful supply of tea/coffee for flatpack

  2. Take a little saw for cutting extra holes in chipboard. New dishwashers often have scale-filters in boxy attachments on the infill pipe and they tend not to fit through the existing holes in the sides of the kitchen units.

  3. I always found flat pack furniture a doddle. Main thing is to check that nothing is missing and know what it should look like when done so that you can visuallise it. Plumbing and electrics are dead easy too.

    In my previous life as a handyman I often had jobs where someone had started an Ikea job but couldn't finish it. Easy money for me.


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