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Sunday, 17 June 2012

We are the Brits.

Now I’ve posted this before. I was just thinking of yesterday’s Trooping of the Colour and how no other nation can put on such a display. 

The video above is about what we all should be thinking. Bugger the rest of the world. We might be a small Island nation but just see how we’ve changed the world. We should be proud of our nation’s achievements. Not spending our whole time in running our country into the ground and making grovelling apologies.We couldn’t do better than unilaterally quit the European Union, the United Nations, and the Court of human rights, for starters. If we said sod off to those entities, what could they actually do?

P.S. We have Nuclear weapons.


  1. We gained entry to the Stupid club illegally so leaving it is as simple as saying....."We are leaving".

    No mess, no fuss.

    But we need someone with a backbone to say it.

    Sadly, such a person does not exist at this time.


  2. ancient + tattered airman17 June 2012 at 21:27

    What could they actually do?

    Well, they could pay for it themselves without our massive contributions

  3. fuck me, that may just be the worst thing I have ever watched in my life

  4. Oddly enough, staying in the UN is the only one I'd do as that way we could concentrate on reporting back on what the others are doing and prepare ourselves accordingly.

    I don't think we need an ECtHR now that we have a Supreme Court. (I don't think much of them, but they are at least ours) and we haven't ever needed the EU. All it has done is weakened our world trade and standing. It's not like it has even got rid of arguments about duty-free imports, going by the regular arguments over at Nothing 2 Declare.

  5. Over the past two millennia, there have been two nations to have a truly historic and positive impact outside of their borders. Rome was one, Britain the second.

    Look at the most successful and prosperous nations across the globe today and what they virtually all share in common is British influence - or rule - at the formative stage of their nation.

    Step one for Britain to regain its footing is to do to the politicians who sold the UK to the EU without a referendum the same thing you Brits did to Guy Fawkes.

  6. WoaR: "I don't think we need an ECtHR now that we have a Supreme Court."

    We most definately do not need the ECHR. As to our 'supreme court'? It isn't, since its decisions are subject to review by the EU and ECHR.

    Typical Blair/Straw f**kup and lies.

    Anon: "worst thing" Yea, it was pretty crappy.

  7. Noggin the Nog18 June 2012 at 12:13

    Anton Lorien? He sounds about as British as garlic, and his song is shit.

    Try 'Roots' by Show of Hands for real Brits with real talent, who don't need to jump-start a career in music by piggy backing service personnel's efforts around the world today.

    BTW He's a member of that great and long established British mainstay - Scientology.

  8. WAOR

    We've always had a "supreme court". It's just that the old "supreme court" sat in a small room at the House of Lords and was referred to as the "House of Lords" although only the law lords sitting in the HoL were allowed to attend.
    One rainy afternoon Blair and his mates (particularly the spectacularly lazy ex-flatmate of Blair's - Lord Falconer - who couldn't be arsed to perform all the jobs required of a Lord Chancellor) were bored so decided to redesign the way we do "justice". They proceeded (without any consulation) to (try to) abolish the 800-year old office of Lord Chancellor, create a "Ministry of Justice" and ape the US by designating the functioning most senior court in the UK as a "supreme court". As a drive-by kicking to the constitution, the HoL also got a "speaker" (at £100,000 pa).
    BTW, to her eternal discredit, Elizabeth II signed these completely unnecessary changes into law without (it appears) any protest.

  9. Trooping OF the colour???

    Shurly shome mishtake

  10. Mon 18th June. Go and read Daniel Hannan's blog put up today, the E.S.(Euro Scum) are now trying to control our oil and gas drilling. Bastards. Some pessimists say that if we leave the Euro zone we will suffer, that's fine by me, at least it would be self inflicted and not dick-tated to us by a load of dishonest, freedom hating arseholes. If they do regulate our gas maybe we can send them some free samples- ZYKLON B.

  11. I'm all for leaving the Eussr. I only, in the dim and distant past voted for the common market.

    We wont suffer. we can just trade with the rest of the world on equal terms. As we did before.

  12. This is a truly beautiful song, beautifully sung and produced! An awesome talent! And Yes Britain is still Great because of the people we have here.


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