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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Home sweet home


I’ve just spent the week up at my son’s house. The reason being was that he was due for another three day course of radiotherapy. The radiotherapy is the easiest part of the affair, except for the three days of boredom he suffers from being in isolation during it. The biggest problem is that he has to go off his Thyroid medication which leaves him exhausted and somewhat confused at times. Quite rightly he takes the sensible decision that driving would be stupid, and therefore I disappear up there to do the driving for him.

However I digress from the point I was going to make. My son brought up the fact that what most cheered him up after leaving hospital for his home, was the freedom  living in your own home gives you. You make the rules. (Except in my case, Mrs FE. Or so she thinks. Why else do I send her out to work in the week?).

Your home at present is pretty free from government control at the moment (Although the Tobacco control industry have ideas on that one), and so it should remain. In my home I can get up when I want, wear what I want, eat what I want, drink what I want, set the thermostat at what temperature I want, decorate it how I want, Beat the wife when I want etc, etc,etc.

It’s the last bastion of freedom in this benighted country of ours. Consider if you will, how the rules change once you set foot of your own property.

Surveillance, petty officialdom, no smoking in public places, harassed for taking pictures in a public space, etc. You know the score. In fact add your pet favourite in the comments and I’ll write a post about some of them.

Home sweet Home



  1. Hope the treatment for FE Jnr works OK.

    Regarding the home being "pretty free from government control at the moment" - don't, just don't, give the buggers an idea.

  2. The appalling lack of knowledge of History amongst the young. Including relatively recent events such as WW2 & The Falklands.

  3. White guilt and sexual debauchery seem to compulsory subjects at school now. I still wish my old head of house had taught me the latter one.

    Hope your son makes a full recovery.

  4. Best wishes to your family, but excuse my while I laugh hollowly; you haven't had any babies recently.

    If you had, you would know that it brings a platoon of what for some years have been called "the soft police" to your door.

  5. bEST WISHES TO YOUR FAMILY The use of carbon feuls and the effects for our still unborn children in the future.As a native american chief said only when the last tree is cut the last fish caught and all the rivers are poisened will the white man relise you cant eat money.

  6. My best wishes to you and your son. I sympathise with his predicament concerning the tedium of his treatment regime. Here is an idea, if it helps, fine. Could you persuade him to try some creative writing while he is in The Room? Just and exercise book and some pens, and whatever he feels inclined to write about.
    When he leaves that room, they will probably take it from him, to be destroyed. Low level waste. But they could maybe let him photocopy his work first, and hang on to the copy?

    Regarding your point about the private domain: Home is where you get to speak your mind, without fear of being consigned to a diversity and sensitivity re-education camp.



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