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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Apparently it’s……………

Blogger Appreciation Day!

It figures that a holiday for Bloggers would fall on a date which only exists every four years, Conservative Bloggers are the Chopped Liver of the Right after all. According to Moe Lane and Granite Grok, Blogger’s Appreciation Day is about recognizing your favorite bloggers and can be celebrated by telling them that you appreciate their hard work, and also by hitting their tip jars. Legend has it that Hitting a Blogger’s Tip Jar on Blogger Appreciation Day not only brightens that Blogger’s day and helps them to keep doing what they do, but it also brings good fortune to the Tip Jar Hitter. Of course it is always good karma to Hit  a Blogger’s Tip Jar, but today is an extra special day for that sort of thing, a day so special that there will not be another day like it for four more years.

Well I never.knew that. Mind you I haven’t got a tip jar, as this is a public service web site, serving the people selflessly.


  1. I manage to resist the temptation to come here first. Like the tastiest morsel on the plate I leave you until later. Keep up the public service, always enjoyable, sometimes provocative, occasionally stirring, never uninteresting.

  2. Seconded ..

  3. I thank you for those kind words.


  4. Thank you for linking my post! Interesting blog you have here, I will add you to the blogroll over at my place.


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