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Friday, 23 December 2011

Silent night

All is peaceful in the FE household tonight.

The shopping has nearly finished, although I need real lager as Mrs FE bought non alcoholic crap. That’s tomorrow’s pilgrimage.

I’m quietly sitting here writing my usual drivel whilst sipping a large whisky, and Mrs FE, son and partner are attempting a jig saw.

The open fire is just dying down, having given a gentle glow complete with flickers of light in the living room.

At this mellow moment I would like to wish all those who read this ridiculous blog a very merry Christmas. I’m quite humbled by how many visits per day I get to this blog, and my main sin is in not replying to some of the comments I receive. However some of the comments are far better than what I write in the articles. They leave me speechless. (Bloody good excuse).

Being a man of few words, I’ve found that writing articles on this blog has been a burden that I never thought I would manage. I really wish that I had the imagination and fluidity that others possess.

I’ve written articles about my early life in the marine industry and I’m considering writing about my my last few years in that industry, where I’ll try and highlight the changes for good or bad. (OMG. I’m in terminal ramble mode).

I might get a post in tomorrow, but I’ve got to pick up my niece in Southampton and brink her to chez FE.

And of course buy beer.

Have a very, very, Merry, Christmas one and all.

Especially David Wheeler. Thankyou.


  1. Thanks for entertaining your readers, and, annoying petty officialdom, this past year FE.

    Have a good Xmas.

  2. I second what Joe said ..

    Have a good 'un "Shippers" ... ;)

  3. Thanks FE for giving us a great laff all year, it's gonna take some toppin for the next un - Happy Christmas to you and all.


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