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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Lets make it No.1


Shamelessly I'm promoting what I hope will be this year's No 1 in the annual tussle for the Christmas single.

The CD will be released on 19 December and pre-ordered on Amazon or bought via iTunes.

The second track is another composition from Paul Mealor - Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal (Four Madrigals On Rose Texts(: A Spotless Rose.

The proceeds of the single will go to SSAFA Forces Help and the British Legion.

Subrosa. I’ve shamelessly nicked your text as I’m too lazy to write my own. Your text says it all.


  1. :-D Good post FE. Tug of the Forelock to Subrosa.

  2. Nice sentiment, but I'm torn between this and the one I did earlier :

    Although to be fair yours is a better cause...

  3. I think we would be better served as an alleged civilised society, if these wives sang out from Lysistrata's book instead.

  4. Well there is that Harry, but the decision was made that the lyrics would come from letters the wives sent to their husbands.

    Now Harry, how about you to the lyrics via Lysistrata's book, send them to me and I'll see if I can do a tune.

  5. Normally I'd be up for that... but I'm not going to parody the affections of military families... however misguided I might consider them. The reality is that our volunteer armed forces are involved in several rather grubby little wars that could well... likely intended... trigger the big one. I consider that this video contains the necessary Cameron 'NUDGE' factor to keep our troops sacrificing their lives with the full support of an adoring public.

  6. Harry.

    Soldiers sign up in order to fight wars. However cut them slack for being caught up in wars we shouldn't have signed them up to. We are to blame, not the squaddie on the ground.

  7. When did I blame the service personnel?... But I certainly don't accept any blame, for helping the armed forces find themselves in a living hell.

    Miniluv says...Wherever You Are... May your courage never cease... Keep taking the Blue Pill... as War invariably means Peace...

  8. Harry,

    It's our fault for allowing the politico's of all parties to get away with it. I'm slowly wearing down my MP. I refuse to accept that they can be allowed a mandate of power for 5 years without accountability.

    We need to hound them until they wake up to the real world.

    It's our duty, even if the politicians have no sense of duty.


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