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Saturday, 31 December 2011

The end of blogging (2011 edition)


Well it’s nearly the end of the year now. About time for New Year’s resolutions.

Here’s mine.

1. To blow tobacco smoke through Deborah Arnott from ASH’s car window. (I would suggest you don’t click on the ASH link. If you think I would link to them then you must think I’m stupid).

2. To drink to excess and then vomit over Don Shenker from Alcohol Concern. (Again, I suggest not clicking on the link for the reason already given).

3. To up my carbon footprint to show solidarity with China. Bugger the Huhnatic and his bloody bird mincers  (You can click on these ones. Honestly).

4. Try to blog better

Anyhoo. A happy New Year to all those who visit this Blog. I hope to hear from the usual suspects who comment here, in the future. It’s my round (metaphorically). Have a large one.

Big Drink


  1. Yes it's fixin to be 2012 in about 10hrs here. What are my plans? Find work forthwith, start making money to start laying in supplies so I'm ready when the end of the world idiots run riot. Me I plan to keep right on trucking til my heart stops or the sun explodes. OTOH if the end of the worlders really want to die..*shrug* I'll be happy to oblige them. More for me that way. Am I not a kind, loving and giving soul to do this for them? :P

  2. Nice one FE, I nearly crashed the car - Happy New Year to you and all here !

  3. Nearly vomited on links 3 and 4. Especially 3. Urgh....

  4. Happy New Year

    Keep going about the windmills. The argument is not as solid as it was; it is gradually penetrating the public awareness that the technology is not the panacea which it was sold to them as.

  5. Nice one FE ..

    I've allus been a bit of a rebel, so I automatically clicked on 1 & 2 straight away .. ;)

    3 & 4 are obviously "iffy" .. so I gave then a miss ..

    Happy New Year to you & all FE family members down the stoke-hold .. as well as to my fellow commentors ..

  6. Best wishes for the New Year. Your blog does not need improving. I like it just the way it is.

  7. Thanks Robert. In that case I'll ramble on in the usual way.


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