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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Drive a Nissan and do wheelies.

Not sure of the veracity of this clip. The filming seems to be too professional to me. It;s fun to watch though.


  1. Watched something a lot more interesting this evening. SS San Demetrio, London. Tried to work out if you were one of the black gang, but all were sober and respectable so concluded that you missed that trip.

  2. Not convinced, poor witness acting.


  4. Somehow I do not think a pick up truck with a gross tonnage rating of less than 3 tonnes is going to be able to support the weight of 150 tons of aircraft, even if the front landing gear only supports 30% of the weight that is still 45 tons, which would crush the Nissan flat..........

  5. Amazing how many commenter's on the YouTube clip and Richards link don't know the difference between a Boeing 727 (3 engines) and a 747 with 4.... Or the relative weights. A quick search shows a max weight for the 727 of just under 100 tons, and a likely landing weight (after burning off fuel) of around 60. So even assuming the main wheels carry most of this, the front would still have 5-10 tons, particularly with weight forward transfer under braking. Do you think a 4x4 like that would still be sitting (fairly) normally after stopping?

    Then there is the matter of speed - I found approach speeds of around 145mph, and a stalling speed of about 115mph. Even if that "truck" could manage 115, it was seen to pull out, and accelerate from a standing start!

    And do you think YOU would be able to position yourself that accurately whilst driving flat out looking through the back window?

    Sorry, Nissan - good try maybe, but the reality would be rather different...

  6. Ancient + Tattered Airman28 December 2011 at 21:24

    It is as genuine as a ninepenny piece!

  7. And a couple more things (to be REALLY pedantic). The plane appears to be landing on a taxiway, not the main runway. Whilst this happens from time to time (by mistake) there is no way a pilot would do so intentionally, particularly in an emergency. Quite apart from the insurance company refusing to pay out for any damage/injuries, they are usually narrower, and more likely to have obstructions nearby.

    Faced with the possibility of one (or more) sets of landing gear collapsing on touch down, the sensible thing to do is divert to the longest available runway, and make the touchdown as gentle as possible. In the clip the upper surface lift spoilers are extended (which would be normal for a short landing), but full down elevator is applied just as the main wheels are touching. This is guaranteed to bury the nose wheel into the tarmac, and absolutely the opposite of what is needed in this case.

    I wonder if the film director got his/her inspiration from an old episode of "Thunderbirds" where 3 special heavy trucks were dispatched to help an airliner land....

  8. Remake of this one from 2006.

    The original was better and funnier.


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