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Monday, 7 November 2011

Ups and Downs. The sequel


Here I posted the Ups and Downs my family has had in the year, so far. It hasn’t ended it would seem.


My bloody central heating boiler has packed up today!!


  1. Does it feel comforting to have reduced your contribution towards Global Warming FE?

    [In reality, you're probably creating more CO2 by using power-station generated electricity for heating & hot water, but don't feel too guilty about it.]

    Commiserations - can it be resolved rapidly - or is it a major problem?

  2. Fuck Global warming. it's my house I'm interested in.

    I've shorted out all the likely culprits such as thermostats, flow switches, etc. looks like it is the PCB. Luckily I've a contract with British gas who will be out tomorrow.

    PS. Don't buy a Potterton boiler.

  3. Make sure your condensate is discharging properly, a quick look at the reservoir will indicate yeah or no.
    If your boiler is not of the condensing type - my suggestion will disappear in 30 secs.

  4. Don't buy a Ravensheat boiler either !

  5. "Looks like it is the PCB" - I had that problem a couple of times with our boiler. The first when some water got onto it (it is conveniently mounted underneath the heat exchanger...). I removed it and dried it out. The next time it turned out to be a knackered relay. I got a replacement from Maplin and a few minutes work with the soldering iron had it working perfectly.

    Joe Public probably won't approve, but my excuse is that I didn't touch any gas fittings or connections...

    It's an old type (not condensing), so is far more reliable anyway.

  6. Now fixed. It was the PCB. TFE is now feeling warm.


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