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Friday, 7 October 2011

Those messages.

In a previous post I touched on this trend recently of receiving unsolicited text messages relating to PPI (Payment protection Insurance).

Here’s some useful info in how to report them to your Telephone service provider.

You may be report these messages to your provider. The following links may help:

Vodafone – How do I report spam text messages? Forward the spam message to VSPAM (87726).

Orange – Stop spam text messages. If you are on Orange and get spam messages, please forward them to 7726 free from your Orange phone. By doing this you are helping Orange to collate information to help reduce spam messages being sent to you and others.

02 also allow you to report on 7726. See: SPAM and unwanted subscription texts

I would also try forwarding the message onto 7726 if you are with T-Mobile or Three.

Every little helps. When you forward it on, don’t forget to add the scam number. I did!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting and good advice.

    However, it may be helpful to state that TMobile 7726 does not work and/or provide this service. Tried it (today 24.10.2011) on two different mobiles. Response: "Sorry, the destination address appears to be missing...message not sent..".

    It's a shame but I expect nothing less from TMobile.


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