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Saturday, 22 October 2011

It’s dying

dead computer

That is my faithful desktop PC. Before I went to help the boy out with his Radiotherapy, I was having serious doubts about the sanity of my old faithful friend. It spent far too much time whirring it’s hard drive for little purpose. When I got back I was informed by Mrs FE that the simple startup repair which should only take an hour or so, had taken two days.

It got even worse when I shut it down. It wouldn’t even run in safe mode. (Lazy Bastard). I’ve spent all sorts attempts to try and get it up and running today. It feels like a Mongoose via a snake. Some rounds one wins, sometimes the other.

I’m up and running now, but for how long? I think it is the hard drive that is failing, (17,400 disk errors) so I’m frantically trying to export important data to a portable hard drive.

I’m just going to have to bite the bullet, and buy a new computer.

Farewell trusted friend. May you live in peace in landfill.


  1. BTDT..I finally bit the bullet and got a new windows 7 machine about a month ago..give or take. I feel your pain.

  2. My mate at work built me a perfectly good new comp from parts bought over the internet, it's his hobby. He asked for £180 to cover his costs so I gave him that plus £50 so he had a drink from it.

    Moral: shop bought comps are a big fat rip off.

  3. I'm like you, years and years on PC's.
    Fed up, I took the plunge and bought an iMac desktop.
    I asked the vendor what sort of phone help and backup the comapnt (Apple) had (one of my PC's was a Dell, oh how I hate Dells! I was on the phone, as usual, to the Dell "helpline" and the voice told me not to worry, he'd have a serviceman around next day without fail. Curious about that, since I live in the South of France, I asked him where he worked from. His Indian-sounding voice replied "Bombay"! Oh how I hate Dells!)
    Anyway...I asked the Apple guy (French) about phone help. He was surprised. "Help, why would you need help?"
    "Because I have always needed help on all of my new computers"
    "Ah, those are PCs. No, this is an Apple. You won't need help, nothing will go wrong."
    Bitter experience made me persist. "I really need a phone help number."
    "OK, tell you what, just take it home with you (it is an iMac 22" screen job) take it out of the box, follow the instructions and switch on. That's all you'll need."
    I was sceptical. "I really need the possibility of help")
    "OK, our number is on the receipt, see, here. We are in the book. My name is Guy. If anything goes wrong, which it won't, call me and I'll resolve it.
    However, if anything goes wrong, and you can sort it yourself, take a note. If other things happen, do the same. In about 6 months, if you really feel the necessity contact me, or us."
    Nothing ever ever went wrong with the computer, I never switch it off. My wife has a new PC laptop, Windows 7 but she uses mine as much as I do.
    That was 2 years ago, and continuing.
    Good luck with your new computer.
    Peter Melia

  4. I think it is the hard drive that is failing, (17,400 disk errors)


    Yeah that seems like reasonable evidence.

    Why not just buy a new hard drive?

    They're cheap enough.

    Not even going to think about feeding the Mac troll...


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