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Friday, 28 October 2011

common purpose

I recently sent a FOI request to my County Council enquiring how many of their personal had been Common purpose trained. Not many it seems. See table below.






No consent to disclose details                     
Alison St Clair Baker 2006 Grade KS12 Environment & Regeneration – Change & Development Division
Marisa White 2006 Grade KS15 Children, Families & Education - Operations
No longer with KCC 2007 Grade KS13 Chief Executives Department – ICT Commissioning
No consent to disclose name 2007 Grade KS8-9 Communities – Policy & Resources - Kent Volunteers
No Longer with KCC 2007 KS13 Chief Executives Department – Business Solutions & Policy
Debra Exall 2008 KS15 Adult Services - Performance & Planning
No consent to disclose details      

However, why are  some of them loath to allow their details to be known? Have they a dirty little secret that they don’t want me to know? Or maybe they realise they’ve been duped by this shadowy organisation that runs using Chatham house rules.

Just saying


  1. Anyone tainted by any form of association with Common Purpose is immediately highly suspect and not to be trusted in anyway whatsoever.

  2. KCC and Tonbridge and Malling are riddled with Common Purpose graduates.
    KCC even allows CP to use tax payer funded office space at Kings Hill without charge to run their
    brain mashing courses.

  3. Of course you realise (don't you?) that your name is now on a list of "troublemakers"...

    CP won't tolerate any dissenters.

  4. Once Hitler had occupied England/GB/UK he intended to act all reasonable and nice except for the 20,000 people (plus Jews) on his 'special list'. I expect that you and the Filthy Engineer have just been added to it.

    Oh yeah, and 'microdave' too.

  5. I'll bet Richard North is on LOTS of lists, not least at Bradford Council..


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