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Friday, 9 September 2011


This is an American Vid but it shows how the Nanny state is determined to gain as much hold over us as possible using dubious statistics at best.

I’m personally getting fed up with being “nudged” into anything. I’ve lived long enough to know what is right for me from a material and moral position.

I’m heartily fed up to the teeth with Fake Charities such as ASH and Alcohol Concern telling me what I should or should not do.

At the very least I expect them to tell the truth, not just make it up as they go along. I mean for Fucks sake, where did ASH get the statistics that “88% of smokers want to give up”. They never consulted this bunny about it. We all know as well that the so called safe limits on alcohol were picked out of thin air.

It would seem that they are still at it

If you haven't already bookmarked the excellent Straight Statistics, you really should. Their latest article is a routine debunking of some routine junk science from Alcohol Con(cern) who came up with the amazing finding that alcohol sales correlate with alcohol consumption. Or, to be precise, that alcohol-related hospital admissions are correlated with the number of off-licenses in an area.

It’s about time that twat Cameron grew a set of balls and cut their public funding. After all if they have the support of the public then the public will donate to them.

And don’t get me started on obesity or salt…………………………………………………

I think I’ll have another cigarette and wash it down with at least 20 units of whisky.


  1. Hey, FE,

    Black gang eh? what Co.?

    Me, sparx with CNCo/OCL/P&OCL.
    Retired 1991.


  2. No offence meant. (BG)! I mean.

  3. 88% of smokers will probably say they want to give up if it gets rid of the self-righteous prick asking the question.

  4. Don't allow anyone to "nudge" you into anything FE .. do as I do & either ignore them completely .. or just tell 'em to fuck off ..

    I've always been a bit of a stroppy bastard .. but as I've got older, I've become even more so ..

    I'll continue to smoke, drink, use salt, eat whatever takes my fancy & drive a 4x4 .. mainly because I enjoy doing all of them ..

    The fact that they wind-up some miserable, self-righteous tosspots is a mega-bonus .. Heh heh ..


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