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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thank you, Thank you.

(Over the top gushing, suitable of an Oscar winner)




I see to my horror that some person or persons nominated this blog for a Total Politics blog  award.

This Blog has a ranking in the top 100 Non-aligned Blog Category. Alright It’s only 89th (Note to self: Must do better)

Still this Humble Blogger (Now I’m really spouting bullshit) wouldn’t have received this reward without someone nominating me.

So Thank you one and all.  *Bows*

Blog award


  1. Well done FE ..

    Now .. no resting on your laurels ..

    Your readership is still avidly awaiting the continuation of dits about runs ashore, featuring the fleshpots of Singapore ..

    For some of us poor old buggers .. its a way of recalling our own mis-spent youth .. ;-)

  2. Captain Haddock.

    I will get around to it. Honest.

  3. Then again maybe you could send me a guest article.

  4. @ FE ..

    Hmmm ..

    Let me think about that one ..

    I don't have your way with words though .. ;)


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