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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Peter Oborne on “That Idiot from Brussels”

You can watch a short clip here.

Or you can see the whole thing here at Newsnight.


  1. I enjoyed this immensely. Its high time people like the Eurocrat and Lambert were publicly held to account. It was rude of Oborne, but it had to be said. Because if you don't these people will just pretend it never happened - that they never got their predictions 100% wrong, and (as Nick Clegg lied the other day) 'no-one saw it coming'. And just carry on the same without so much as an iota of shame at their complicity in the mess they have created. Oborne was right to put the blame for economic pain being suffered by ordinary Greeks, Irish and Portuguese people at the feet of these people, and to make them look at it - here this is what you have done.

    And you could see Lambert didn't like it at all. He didn't like having his nose rubbed in his own mess.

    We need to do it to more people like him - all the other guilty men as Oborne rightly calls them.

  2. At long last .. someone in the public eye, prepared to tell it as it is ..

    Compared with the iniquities these Euro-bastards have forced upon us .. what's a little rudeness ?

    Oborne for PM ...

  3. I think that our Government doesn't realise that most of us have been thinking like Oborne for a few years now.

  4. The only idiot is Oborne, complete and utter prat.


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