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Friday, 23 September 2011

A new particle is found.

The death knell of AGW will be sounded if this article gets out into the open. Forget about fast neutrinos found at CERN. This is much greater discovery.

'Forget AGW:  what’s Al Gore got to say about wind-turbine-sourced free roton emissions?  Notice all the tornadoes this past summer? Direct correlation.  Yet government roton-emission standards are tied up in committee hearings.

From Wikipedia:

. . . the science remains sketchy, occupying the no-man’s-land between Newtonian physics and quantum mechanics.  In basic terms, a free roton is a quantum –a packet—of angular momentum, released from any unshielded rotating mass (a barber pole; a merry-go-round).  Nearby ungrounded objects can absorb these until a tipping point –the Spinner Threshold*—is crossed.  Free rotons are mostly absorbed by the circumambient air, resulting in wind vortices of varying size.  Effects on exposed human subjects were first observed in Holland (for obvious reasons) and can range from dizziness to “augering”.

*Named for James Spinner 1881-1919, who made the first measurements of free rotons.  It is believed that Spinner himself succumbed to a fatal dosage (>100 whirlies) while conducting experiments with a ceiling fan, causing him to auger through the floor of his home in Devonshire.  His body was never recovered.

Hey, if Al Gore's allowed to make stuff up, then so am I.'


  1. "A new particle is found" ..

    Aww FE ..

    I thought for one moment that you were going to announce, to an incredulous world that the first vestige of a pair of bollocks had been discovered in Camermong's scrotum ..

    I suppose I ought to have known better .. ;)

  2. Nice one FE, Leg Iron does much the same with his death from smoke stories. careful though, we don't want the Lhoonies taking us seriously, then accusing us of making stuff up. They have no sense of humour y'know.

  3. Ancient + Tattered Airman23 September 2011 at 20:52

    Careful FE, you are in Danger of picking up a Nobel prize. What a debased honour, to be one of a nefarious band including Al gore and Barak Obama.

  4. Captain.

    I'm not even sure cameron's human with that high forehead.

  5. Andy. Those Loonies are probably trying to find a way to disprove my article as we speak. They're not renowed for posessing a sense of humour.

  6. I thought you were going to talk about the subatomic particle that was recorded travelling faster than the speed of light.

  7. When rotons and neutrinos combine, they may exceed the speed of light for a short while, known as the dream time. This probably explains CERN's findings.


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