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Thursday, 15 September 2011


Your favourite tipples from around the world.


Just a little experiment to see who actually googles the Drinkaware website


  1. Shouldn't that great big turquoise-coloured area be Vodka/Methanol?

  2. Or. We're all dying of kidney/liver disease.

  3. Fosters?!? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I know it's where booze comes from rather than where it's being drunk, otherwise the whole word 'Fosters' should be about a pixel wide, but it should be smaller and in the bottom right to make room for XXXX up near Queensland. The best beers here are from Tassie anyway, but if everyone is happy to buy that collection of canned dick drippings known as Fosters the Aussies are happy to drink the decent stuff themselves..

  4. yes I must admit to partaking of some XXXX when I was in Queensland many years ago.

  5. Wine in Chile, surely, not just Argentina?


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