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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bloody thieves

Just been to pick up my Daughter and her  Husband from the airport. My, how they rip you off just to park in their car parks, which you have to use. They proudly boast that it’ll only cost you a pound for the first 15 minutes. Would you pay that anywhere else? No you wouldn’t is the answer. The trouble is they have a monopoly.

Because my Daughter’s flight was delayed (Not flagged up on the website till after I was on the way to the airport), and due to the vagaries of the baggage handling personnel, it cost me a fucking fortune. One hour and ten minutes cost me £9. I think my local town centre car parks rip me off at 80p hour, but this is just usury. This works out at approx 13p/min.

North and South Terminal short stay prices

Up to 15 Minutes                               £1.00

15 Minutes - 30 Minutes                 £2.80

30 Minutes - 1 Hour                          £5.60

1 - 2 hours                                             £9.00

2 - 3 hours                                             £11.50

3 - 4 hours                                             £14.70

4 - 5 hours                                             £18.00

5 - 6 hours                                             £21.00

6 - 9 hours                                             £25.00

9 - 12 hours                                           £30.00

12 - 24 hours                                         £32.50

Each 24 hour period thereafter    £32.50

The long stay car parks are not much better, and that’s why going on holiday in a couple of weeks time it makes sense to use a taxi service.


I feel another letter to my MP is needed. (I’m still waiting for an answer to the last one I wrote to him). He’s probably labelled me as an Anarchist. so if this blogger stops posting just google “Pentonville Inmates”. You’re sure to find me.


  1. Edinburgh airport is £1 for 10 minute, thereafter similar to your list. Thieves!!

  2. Melbourne Tullamarine is $3 for 20 minutes - sorry, like your experience FE, it's "only" $3. Which is "only" equivalent to about two litres of fuel. After that the short stay is $6 for 20-40 and $12 for 40-60. Then it's $20 for 1-2 hours, $28 for 2-3, $36 for 3-4 and $52 for over 4 hours and up to a day. And they wonder why the free car park in McDonalds is always busy even when Macca's isn't, and why the Tullamarine Freeway always has cars parked illegally on the verge and hard shoulder for about a mile or so approaching the airport slip road. The government bitch about it and recognise that the problem is the airport ripping the arse out of the parking fees (helped hugely by the fact there's no nearby train or tram connection), but they've not yet worked out that the obvious solution is to encourage someone else to build a car park near enough to give the airport some much needed competition.

  3. When I have relatives to collect from the airport, I wait outside the boundary & the arrangement is that they ring me once they're land-side with all their baggage.

  4. I have a similar arrangement to Joe Public but it still costs £1, or perhaps it is £2 now, to drive in and pick them up, less than 5 minutes in the car park.

    It is even worse than NHS hospital parking charges and they are extortionate.

  5. I've just remembered that you used to be able to send a text message to a certain number with the airport and flight number in the format "LHR QF001" and you'd get a text message back in a minute or two with the current status of the flight and either ETA if it's still airborne or the time it landed. They're probably ripping the arse out of the SMS costs instead but still going to be cheaper than airport parking.


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