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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Sniping at Smokers

Here we have another in the long line of attacks on a minority who like to take solace and pleasure in the simple habit of smoking. This article goes, In my view, a touch to far.

This so called Journalist, maybe in jest, but I suspect would dearly love this to be legal, advocates smokers to be shot on sight.

So let’s set a squad of licensed snipers on to the streets, with permission to pick off smokers whenever there’s a clear shot.

I confidently predict that the prospect of having your head blown off while enjoying what you didn’t realise would be your last cigarette would give smokers up and down the country an extra incentive to kick the habit.

Especially crass, in light of Yesterday’s shootings in Norway.

You may like to read Simon Clark’s take on it too.

And let’s not forget Dick Puddlecote

Longrider wades in a well

If you feel strongly about this hateful piece of journalism masquerading as humour you might like to send Lynn Hughes, the editor of Luton Today a quiet little missive .

It’s about time smokers were left alone. If I wrote an article in a paper that denigrated Gays, the disabled,  or Muslims, I would have the police kicking my door down and hauling me away in chains, faster than you can flick ash off a cigarette.

Stop it NOW.

1 comment:

  1. Captain Haddock24 July 2011 at 07:48

    I don't have a problem with squads of licenced snipers being able to "take-out" smokers at will ..

    So long as smokers have the same power to form counter-sniper teams, with the same freedom to "slot" health-nazis & other bansturbators ..

    I think that numerically, the health-nazis & Co would suffer a far greater attrition rate ..


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