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Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday Foolery

One of my pet peeves is the almost constant use of mobile phones by people while driving, Shopping, dining and in line at the supermarket etc.

Does no one know how to say 'I'll call you right back'? Well, it has gone beyond that now, With them being used in relaxing getaway places like at the beach.

This is beyond being inconsiderate. While on the beach recently, I had to just sit there and listen to this woman for at least an hour while she talked on her mobile phone and pranced back forth in front of me.

I couldn't concentrate on my book.








beach babe1beach babe2

beach babe3beach babe4

beach babe5beach babe6

How thoughtless and inconsiderate can she be?

I almost got up and moved!!!


  1. How many 'Free Minutes' does one get on a Virgin contract?

  2. Captain Haddock27 May 2011 at 20:01

    Dunno JP ..

    But I suspect one gets considerably more, if one makes a bulk order for 72 virgins ..

  3. It's supposed to be women who are best at multi-tasking.

    Now I bet you wouldn't complain if that car was being driven by the girl in your pictures, particularly if she was dressed the same...

  4. Captain Haddock28 May 2011 at 01:04

    I had a not entirely different experience a few years ago on the Sea-Cat, where, having paid extra to upgrade to 1st class & where, after a long drive, I was attempting to inspect my eye-lids for cracks ..

    Some loud-mouthed tart insisted on conducting her business, including a never-ending series of mobile phone calls in the "quiet" section of the 1st class seating area ..

    At the repeated request of my then, Missus, I kept quiet for as long as I could .. but eventually snapped ..

    Informing said loud-mouthed tart, in no uncertain terms, that if she persisted in what she was doing, I would subject her mobile to an impromptu "float-test" .. and if that didn't work .. she'd be following it into the oggin ..

    Which had the welcomed effect of her fucking off elsewhere on the vessel .. Result !!

  5. Captain Haddock,"oggin" and "float test" two phrases i have not heard for a very long time.

  6. TFE, you made me laugh; so thanks for that.
    I notice that Iain Dale isn't on your blog list; why is that?

  7. Captain Haddock28 May 2011 at 19:31

    @ marcmarc ..

    I'm assuming that we've both been students at the same Language Academy .. albeit, at different times & in slightly different Branches ? ... ;)

  8. Some people might not realise this, but there was once a time when toplessness was not allowed on beaches.
    The the rule changed and it was allowed.
    The first day was a Sunday, the beach was stocked with us regulars, reading Telegraphs, Times and Mails, ordinary folk.
    Suddenly two nice looking English girls came and sat down right beside us.
    We knew they were English because of course we could hear everything they said.
    Then they took their tops off. They where the only girls on the beach, topless.
    No one actually looked, you understand, but we all were well aware that something big had happened, which was surprising since the girls were quite slim.
    After a while, after everyone had had their fair share of “not quite” looks, a very handsome young man arrived and crouched down beside the girls.
    Ah we all thought, nature takes it’s inevitable course.
    The young man, after a few conversational remarks, said,
    “Excuse me, but I must ask you to put your tops back on.”
    Well, they were English girls and they didn’t take to this kindly, and told him to get lost, who did he think he was, etc.
    So he told him he was a policeman.
    The girls laughed and one of them said, “ that so, then show me you identification...”
    and this was really funny since the young man was only wearing a very brief pair of, well, briefs.
    Then he showed them a little medallion hanging around his neck, I glimpsed it, it read
    And that was the end of the first topless day on Monte Carlo’s beaches.
    Meanwhile, in the good old Telegraph, the headline showed graphic pictures of demonstrators outside of the US Embassy, hurting horses, asking the US to leave Okinawa.
    It just goes to show, some Bobby’s jobs are better than others.
    Peter Melia

  9. "oggin and Float test". What about "1,2, 6, heave".

    John in Cheshire.

    I used to like Iain Dale but he changed from non partisan posting to toeing the party line. He was also towards the end, just using his blog to publicise his radio show, which became tedious.

  10. My blog stats I see have soared by eight times the normal. Mind you that won't last! I'll be back to three readers a month I expect.

  11. 'My blog stats I see have soared by eight times the normal.'

    Rule 5, FE, rule 5.

    And I'm not sure about being a Virgin subscriber, looks more like T-Mobile to me?

  12. It would seem that this blogpost has been named on a Scandinavian motor sports forum. How quaint.

  13. Float test and oggin - as an ex-matelot I know them well. Just discovered your blog from EuReferendum. I will be back.

  14. Be fair. Normally, the heavy breathing ends when you put the phone down. She had to stay on the line to drown you out!



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