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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Catching a flight?

If you’re flying anywhere soon there’s a very useful website called FlightRadar24, which will not only allow you to track aircraft, but will also show you a forecast of the latest volcanic ash cloud.

At the moment the Ash cloud is south of Leeds.

This is a public service broadcast from FE towers.


  1. Radar Virtuel also has an "Ash" layer, but seems to show rather differently. Compared to last years event they are now dividing it into different flight levels, and as I understand it, it will be further broken down into ash density details. So (hopefully) this time it won't lead to a blanket shutdown, but allow operators to route around/over/under as appropriate.

  2. Oh, and both these sites rely on aircraft position information provided by a network of enthusiasts with home receivers. Consequently there are many areas with limited or no coverage. And (like last year) both the sites can be very slow to load, or may crash completely...


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