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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

15 PPMV(Parts per million by volume)

An interesting video showing graphically how much CO2 is generated by humans

Not much is it?

stick that in your pipe and smoke it, BBC.. Their six O’clock news was a disgrace. Unbiased. I doubt whether they know how to spell it. Let alone what it means


  1. reader here. that being said..BBC and Global Warming...don't try to confuse the matter with facts..or they might end up like the wicked witch and dissolve.
    Hmmmm....On second thought..feel free to confuse them.

  2. Well, back when I did sums, if you add a tiny bit to a tiny bit the tiny bit number (still with me?) gets proportionately a lot bigger. Whether this matters a shit is anyone's guess.

    Osbo has wisely got a good getout for that Carbon Crap thingy - the
    only way to continue living as we do is to burn loads of oil and gas - and its got to be cheap (we Brits ain't got no money).

    The beardy profs lost the political battle - selling sackcloth and ashes when all we buy is bread and circuses - never stood a chance.

    If you seriously believe in global warming go talk to those nice guys
    in Porton Down - or vote in a global dictator. For me its' just a PRQ.

  3. Da curly wolf. Coincidentally I've just seen the stage production of The Wizard of Oz. Pretty good. Best actor is Toto the dog.

  4. Unfortunately it'll take more than posts by this humble blogger before this scam comes to an end.

  5. I can't watch the video because I am at work and that is verboten. However, it is worth knowing that of all the man-made CO2 the UK is responsible for 2.2% of it. The wonderful Mr Huhne has just promised that we will reduce this to 1.1% by 2025 at the entirely reasonable cost of £200,000,000,000.

  6. Yup, very nicely done.

    I quite like this depiction as well -

    Unit volume of air - N2 green, O2 gray, Ar brown, H20(2.5%) blue, and CO2(400ppm) red.

    Scary how much the heat 'trapped' by our 2-3% of the red is doing to devastate our environment.

  7. Here's another nice example thanks to Autonomous Mind

    Download, and then progressively enlarge it, whilst keeping an eye on the top LHD corner.....


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