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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Have fun……………..and Die?

Some people have the strangest ideas.

An engineer has designed a new roller coaster which offers riders a more extreme experience than usual - ending in death.

roller coaster

While it might look like the ultimate roller coaster, the Euthanasia is designed to 'humanely, with elegance and euphoria, take the life of a human being.'

It is designed to subject the rider to a series of extreme experiences that would eventually kill them.

Lithuanian engineer Julijonas Urbonas claims his theoretical creation will cause tunnel vision and – when travelling at 100m/s – death, due to a lack of oxygen reaching the brain.

Well I’m not going on that little monster. Even if they offer me a senior citizen discount.


  1. Would one get sexually aroused before the tunnel vision kicks in?

  2. I don't care where it is. I'm not going.

  3. Well, having experienced tunnel vision under about 4.5G which verged into greying out (the first step before blacking out), I have to say that it would be a very gentle and painless way to die. Provided you don't mind the ride, that is.

    I won't be choosing to go on the ride, though. You'd probably die of boredom instead, having been forced to read all the warning signs.

  4. I will be sticking to promoting the "Next Big Thing"...
    Cordless Bungee Jumping!

    The Kids just love it...

    TTFN :)

  5. Anon.

    You should advertise that on the house of commons notice board.


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