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Thursday, 28 April 2011

For sale

Anyone want to buy one used aircraft carrier?

20110323-Ark_Royal_Pic-UVessel ARK ROYAL R07 

Vessel ARK ROYAL R07
Light Aircraft Carrier
Length: 210m
Beam: 36m
Draught: 5.8m
Current Displacement: 19000 tonnes
Estimated Metal Weight: 10000 tonnes inc. machinery
Estimated metal %: 95% steel

Location: HM Naval Base Portsmouth

Date and time for viewings:
8am Tuesday 3rd May
8am Wednesday 4th May

Requests for viewing MUST be submitted in writing no later than Wednesday 27th April together with a brief outline of your intentions regarding the vessel to the following:
Noelle Gardner email: (01869 256346)
Janet Kynman email: (01869 256017)

Tender Closure: Monday 13th June 2011 at 10 am

All Tender Documents to be sent to:
Emma Harris MCIPS,
Commercial Manager Special Projects,
Building H9 Room 7, H Site
DSA Bicester
DE&S Arncott
Tel: 01869 256014

All Tender documentation will be found under Additional Specifications.

Product ID:  


Availability: In stock

Our Price: N/A

Bring your own aircraft. Note: Must have vectored thrust. Or you could just supply those ones with the whirly thingee on the top.

Best buy a replenishment ship to go with it. Fuel consumption approximately 110 litres/Mile.

The successful bidder will be required to send a cheque made out to “Filthy Engineer independent trader” within twenty four hours.


  1. It'd make a fantastic floating Brothel, or private "Smoky-Drinky" Club, FE ... :)

  2. I bet that chap that loves to annoy his po-faced neighbours with military vehicles parked out front wishes he had a big garden pond...

  3. At a scrap steel price of, say, $100/ton, you can have it for just under a million.
    Peter Melia


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