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Monday, 21 March 2011


Fancy a ship, one lady owner (HM The Queen), never raced or rallied, & only five years old. Complete with dynamic positioning. Comes with a full service history.

OIRO of £63M

largs bay

RFA Largs Bay pictured here in her docked down condition. This allows landing craft to drive into her dock. (Helicopter not included)


  1. I'm sure you could find some daft sod who would try and fly a chopper into the dock, rather than land on the deck...

  2. Scandalous!
    To sell such a ship, so well (hopefully) designed, so well (hopefully) built.
    Such a ship is tailor-made for Cameron adventures such as the present Libyan affair.
    Will prove to be an even bigger loss when those people in the South Atlantic wake up to the fact that not even such a Great Power as the UK can conduct three wars at once, and therefore that that time is now ripe for Falklands 2.
    I am replete


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