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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Johnny Ball. Why he thinks AGW is a false premise.

Johnny Ball speaks out on how the kids of today are being frightened to death about Global warming. It’s interesting that all transport Secretary Philip Hammond and Alastair Darling can do is repeat the same all tripe that has been fed to them by the Green Lobby. I have a feeling that Brillo is more on his side than the AGW position.


  1. "Knowledge is a deadly friend
    When no one sets the rules.
    The fate of all mankind I see
    Is in the hands of fools."
    << that must encompaas most in the HOC.

    It certainly was good to see Johnny back again. Maybe we'll have Bellamy soon?

    Jeez our politicians are pathetic ... we supposedly put them their to speak for us and the next thing is they are in the pockets of Lobby groups whilst getting their pockets filled along with promises of directorships and the like. Those two on Brillos show are typical examples.

    Never mind the revolution in Libya ... lets have one here!

  2. Captain Haddock3 March 2011 at 07:56

    Alistair Darling ..

    Failed Solicitor ..

    Failed Chancellor ..

    Failed Politician ..

    I rest my case M' Lud ..

  3. Philip Hammond said repeatedly on the programme that on-shore wind farms do not get any subsidy. Is this actually true?

  4. He lies. From the Times before it went behind a paywall.

    "LAVISH subsidies and high electricity prices have turned Britain’s onshore wind farms into an extraordinary moneyspinner, with a single turbine capable of generating £500,000 of pure profit per year.

    According to new industry figures, a typical 2 megawatt (2MW) turbine can now generate power worth £200,000 on the wholesale markets - plus another £300,000 of subsidy from taxpayers.

    Since such turbines cost around £2m to build and last for 20 or more years, it means they can pay for themselves in just 4-5 years and then produce nothing but profit."

  5. Excellent stuff. A most telling was made by Brillo -

    "I don't think the kids in China or India are sitting down with books like that."

    But Hammond and Darling just don't get it.


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